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Crystal Palace Cupcake Tree

Here are questions that our customers often ask about our cupcake trees. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please contact us. We’ll be happy to help you!

Q: What are the advantages of the Crystal Palace Cupcake Tree over similar cupcake holders on the market?

A: The Crystal Palace Cupcake Tree is really the only one of its kind. It is a much more attractive way of displaying your food items because it is transparent acrylic, ensuring that all the attention is on your beautiful cupcakes. It is sturdier, longer-lasting, easier to clean, and folds flat for storage. In addition, the Crystal Palace Cupcake Tree resists breakage, scratches and fingerprints. Simply put, our cupcake stand is a better investment.

Q: How much does the Crystal Palace Cupcake Tree cost?

A:  See our price list on the ordering page. There are discounts for volume purchases; if you are a bakery or restaurant or are purchasing more than five cupcake stands, ask us for a price list.

Q: I'm on a budget, do you have any cardboard or metal cupcake holders?

A: We have something even better! Our line of attractive and sturdy white expanded PVC models come in the same shapes and sizes as our clear acrylic models.

Q: How much is shipping?

A: Pricing depends on where you live. Individual units usually ship UPS, where available. For larger quantities, we will shop for the best combination of transportation and price for you.

Q: Is the Crystal Palace Cupcake Tree available in any shape other than round?

A: Yes! We offer square and florets (flower-shaped) styles. We are also happy to make a custom design for your cupcake stand on request for an extra charge. Please email with your specific request.

Q: Do you have any decorating ideas for Crystal Palace Cupcake Tree?

A: The ideas are endless. Fresh, silk or fondant flowers, paper butterflies, strawberries, greens or branches, seashells or chocolates are just a few ways to add color between the cupcakes. For the cupcakes themselves, silver or gold foil liners can add glamour.

The cupcake tower/cupcake stand can be tailored for each occasion and season. For example:

  • Wedding: Fill in with the same flowers in the bridal bouquet. String mini LED lights throughout the tree to add another dimension to the display. For the “topper,” you can use the top of the wedding cake, flowers, a pillar candle in a crystal vase, porcelain figurines, or greenery. The Crystal Palace cupcake stands and cupcake trees are a popular way to display your wedding cupcakes with elegance for the ultimate wedding cupcake stand!
  • Bridal shower: Serve cupcakes frosted with icing tinted the bride’s wedding colors. Place fresh shasta or gerber daisies between the cupcakes. For a “personal shower,” top your cupcake stand with a high-heeled marabou slipper.
  • Baby shower: Ice cupcakes in pastel colors. Place baby rattles, wooden alphabet blocks or small toys between the cupcakes. For a topper, use a teddy bear or beautifully wrapped gift. Fold a baby blanket under the stand.
  • Kids’ birthday party: Alternate cupcakes iced in bright colors with candies, jelly beans or novelty toys for the guests to take home. Top the cupcake stand with a balloon bouquet.
  • Holiday party: Serve cupcakes decorated with red or green icing. Decorate your holiday cupcake stand with pinecones spray painted silver or gold and a poinsettia on top. For New Year’s Eve, sprinkle silver and gold dragees on white-iced cupcakes, add fresh or silk flowers between the cupcakes and top with a bottle of champagne.
  • For more decorating ideas from professional baker and loyal customer Miss Sara's Cakery in Hastings, Minn., visit Miss Sara's Cakery.

Q: How do I place a cake on the top tier when there's a pointy thing sticking out

A: The "pointy thing" is an anchor for your cake. You have two options: 1) Have your baker place a cardboard tube inside the cake at the bottom to go over the anchor, or 2) Purchase a Crystal Palace Cupcake Tree Topper, an accessory that replaces the anchor with a flat top tier to display an 8- to 10-inch cake. It easily fits over the second-to-the-top tier of any size or style Crystal Palace Cupcake Tree. It is available in round and square shapes. Every Crystal Palace Cupcake Tree owner will want one.

Q: How is the Crystal Palace Cupcake Tree used? Do guests serve themselves?

A: Typically, guests serve themselves, but you can also send some around on a serving tray if you’re have a sit-down dinner. You could use a 2-tier tree as a centerpiece, allowing your guests to serve themselves while seated.

Q: How should I care for the Crystal Palace Cupcake Tree?

A: You can put your cupcake stand in the dishwasher, but to ensure years of life, we recommend hand washing with a mild soap and water.

Q: I damaged my tree. Are replacement parts available.

A: Yes! All components can be ordered individually by calling our sales line at 1-800-423-2769, or emailing us at

Q: Are the cupcakes included?

A: No, just the cupcake tree.

Q: How long will it take to get my Crystal Palace Cupcake Tree?

A: Orders usually ship in 1 to 3 days via UPS.

Q: Do you offer expedited shipping of your cupcake stand?

A: We can accommodate special requests for expedited shipping. Please call us at 800-423-2769 or email us at

Q: Can I order a Crystal Palace Cupcake Tree if I am outside of the continental United States?

A: Yes. If you have a freight forwarder in the United States, have them contact us. We have shipped these units around the world.

Q: How do I recycle my clear acrylic cupcake tree?

A: Just  return it to us, freight prepaid, at: 

Crown Plastics, Inc.,
12615 16th Ave. N.,
Plymouth, MN, 55441

We contract with a recycler who recycles the plastic into other products.

Q: Do you accept returns?

A: You may return any item subject to a 20% restocking charge. You will be responsible for paying the return freight. On inspection and determination that the item has not been used, damaged or repackaged, you will be issued a refund to your account, less a 20% restocking charge.