Cake pop stands

The Crystal Palace™ Cake Pop Stand

No need to resort to unstable foam blocks or unsanitary pegboard to display your cake pops. Just place them in our attractive, secure cake pop stand for easy decorating and an elegant display.

You can use the clear acrylic Crystal Palace Cake Pop Stand over and over again rather than wasting money on throwaway or makeshift props! Maybe even better, you don't have to worry about your cake-sicles toppling over or smearing.

An optional and affordable lazy Susan base is available for convenient filling and self service. And, for those who want the unique twist of a cake on the top tier, you can place an 8"-diameter cake there rather than cake pops.


What is the Crystal Palace Cake Pop Stand?

Our cake pop holder is a clear acrylic stand that comes in three sizes:

Single-tier (rectangular): This model is 9" wide, 6" deep and 4" high. It holds 12 cake pops and costs $22.95 (model CCD-9006) plus shipping.

Two tiers (low profile): Consists of a large bottom ring (16" in diameter) and a smaller, slightly elevated upper tier (7.5" in diameter). It stands 5" high. The lower tier holds 32 cake pops; the upper tier holds either 12 cake pops or one 7.5" diameter cake. It costs $65.25 (model CCD-7516-LP) plus shipping.

Three tiers: Consists of a large bottom ring (16" diameter) and two progressively smaller top tiers (11.5" and 7.5"). It stands 21" high and holds either 60 cake pops or 48 cake pops and one 8" diameter cake. It costs $85.75 (model CCD-2116) plus shipping.

The two-tier and three-tier models assemble in seconds and fold flat for storage.

The optional lazy Susan is ordered separately (model CCLS-1212-3) and costs $17.55 plus shipping.

How do I use the Crystal Palace Cake Pop Stand?

  • Decorating: Use it as a hands-free way to stand up your pops while decorating them. You don't have to worry about dropping them, and you can just whisk away any spills from the easy-to-clean surface.

  • Transportation: Use it as a convenient way to help your cake balls make it to the party in one piece without worrying that they will fall over or rub against each other.

  • Display: Place your cake pops in the holes in our tiered clear acrylic display. Twinkly lights arranged underneath will create an irresistibly eye-catching display for your guests.

  • Gift giving: Delight your favorite baker with a unique gift. The Crystal Palace Cake Pop Stand makes the perfect present for the person who loves to cook, bake or entertain.

How do I order a Crystal Palace Cake Pop Stand?

Just visit our Order page. If you want one in a custom color, shape or size, just email your questions or requests to or call him at 1-800-423-2769. Likewise, if you want to order cake pop holders in quantity, just email Tom for discount rates.

What is a pop?

Pops are anything you can put on a stick!

  • Miniature cake balls dipped in candy melts and drizzled with coconut
  • Brownies dipped in chocolate icing and rolled in sprinkles
  • Donut holes dipped in white almond bark and sprinkled with colored sugar
  • Cookies of any variety, eaten like a lollipop
  • Lollipops
  • Caramel apples
  • Savory hors d'oeuvres

In other words, they're cute little things with enormous appeal. A new twist on cupcakes or an alternative to traditional hors d'oeuvres, they'll be snapped up at any occasion, from weddings and showers to kids' birthday parties and holiday gatherings.

Pick up some cake pops in a bakery or make your own! Instructions and decorating ideas are all over the Internet (do a quick Google search); here is just one example. You can also watch any number of videos on the process on YouTube.

Have photos or video of our Crystal Palace Cake Pop Stands at your special occasion? Email them to us! We'd love to see them and show other customers how versatile this product is! See what others are saying about our Cake Pop Stand here.

We think that Crystal Palace Cake Pop Stands are the best on the market, but we’d rather hear it from you! Let us know what you think or how you use your cake pop stand, or share your best cake pop-decorating secrets!